Veliki perforirani pufer

Large perforated buffer

The buffer part is large and perforated, so that the process of dehydration of grains begins even before getting into the dryer.

Ručno aktiviranje

Manual activation

Grain dryer can be adjusted manually or automatically. In case of automatic regulation, the speed of work of dispenser screw conveyors is automatically determined by the moisture regulator. This ensures an even moisture content of the grain at the exit from the dryer.


Activate by using the touch control unit /TOUCHSCREEN/

Touchscreen program for the regulation of grain moisture collects, memorizes and analyzes the data and, if necessary, sends them to a networked smart phone or computer.


Dispenser with cells and discharging screw conveyor

Aluminum dispenser slowly lowers the grain from the cooler part to the discharging screw part which is located at the bottom of the whole dryer.

 Perforirani lim

Perforated sheet metal

Outer perforated sheet metal and iron structure are adequately connected using special prefab elements. In this way a perfect insulation is ensured.

 Sitem za gas

A system for providing gas

The system consists of dial gauges, pressure regulators, magnetic valves and safety valves which are ideally dispensing gas to the burner that ensures the achievement of optimal temperature for drying.



With maximum energy saving, perfectly provides the achievement of optimal temperature.



Thanks to the axial fan with balls, the quantity of transported air can be precisely adjusted. With this, a peaceful (quiet) system operation is provided.